Curriculum and Consultation

We offer six different continuing education courses for behavior analysts and support organizations. Onboarding curriculum for health and human services agencies. Positive behavioral supports. We’re an approved vendor for this training.

Precision Ethics Training

This is a training for Board Certified Behavior Analysts seeking ethics credits.

Ethical practice is vital to all helping professions. Using ethical guidelines to empower progress for learners and create component conditions for well-designed behavioral treatment is essential. Given the change in ethical guidelines, monitoring expectations, and a changing profession basic fluency in expectations combined with a decision-making framework using the science of behavior will be presented. In this course, we will develop verbal skills related to the ethical code while also practicing common skills needed to navigate actual practice conditions.

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Positive Behavior Support

Our expertise on behavioral assessment, precision teaching, challenging behaviors, and models of behavior analysis have been blended into a Positive Behavior Supports curriculum that fosters useful skills for learners.

A focus on strategies in relation to each other, while building practical skills allows for learners who are able to effectively identify key strategies, use those strategies, and adjust strategies as needed to produce meaningful outcomes for the people they support.

Teacher Training

This is a professional development program for grade school teachers, including ECI paraprofessionals who teach children with disabilities. The curriculum develops a range of communication, problem-solving, and behavioral skills in a blended classroom model that transfers skills into the actual classrooms that participants teach in.

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