Skill Mapping Assessment

Designed with your child in mind

Beyond a Diagnosis

For many families, if you received a diagnosis of a developmental disability for your child, you probably were told more about what your child cannot do, leaving you with lots of questions.

Our genArete™ learning system assessment identifies what your child CAN do and uses that information to develop a learning plan to help jump-start your child’s skill development.

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  • Four, 50-minute sessions, where your child will participate in activities such as communication, general learning, daily living, social interactions, and more
  • Two parent/guardian consultation sessions to help you to support your child’s learning plan
  • One, 1-hour debrief with a report to assist you to find practical opportunities to support your child

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in discovering what your child is capable of learning and you wish to have new ways to support them, check out genArete™ Skill Mapping.
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Investment $1,250.
Ages 3 to 18

Ask us about Financial Assistance.

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